Author, Columnist, Radio Reporter, and Interpreter.

PROFILE@@@*recent photo* 1977 Left home in Japan to attend Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy, a private High school near Los Angeles. 1979 After graduating from Flintridge, enrolled at University of Southern California; majoring in Biological Science. 1984 Released first single "No Time to Stop Believing" as a singer/songwriter with the group 'Daisy Chain' in Europe; the record was also released in Asia. Signed contract as a lyric writer with Island Records in England. 1985 Moved back to Japan by invitation from the Tokyo Broadcasting System, one of the major television networks in Japan, to appear as a regular musician (flute & keyboard) on a Friday night prime time show for one season. After the show was finished, began working as a lyric writer in Japanese music industry; have written 13 songs for commercially released records/CDs, and 10 jingles for nationally aired TV commercials. Composed scripts for the Kawai School promotion video, the instructional 'How-to-Break-dance' video for King Video Communications, and also national radio commercials for the Mr. Donuts restaurant chain. 1989 Moved back to California to work as a DJ for a radio show that was recorded in Los Angeles and aired in Japan, as a music journalist for major Japanese music magazines, and as a columnist for a weekly students magazine with a weekly circulation of 1.1 million (till 1994). 1995 First book, American Lyrics with Love published by one of the major publishers in Japan, Koudansha Publishing. 1999 Fifth book,50 Tips to Enhence Your English Communication published; Currently in sixth year as a columnist for the monthly magazine Japan Overseas Educational Services.Wrote a script for Toyota racing video for Japan. Reporter for J-wave FM Japan. Broadcasted via telephone from L.A. to Tokyo for 40 million listeners on every Saturdays at noon time.Talk about currrent events on West Coast. In the near future, I plan to advance into the Japanese movie industry as a screen writer. For any of my scripts that are produced, I plan to be involved with writing the soundtrack, any necessary subtitles, and even a novelized version of the story. I would become a bilingual multi-writer. Furthermore, I'm going to work on my writing in English as well. I'd like to be known as a screen writer whose work is acknowledged and appreciated in America, and eventually throughout the world. Currently, two of my full-length feature scripts are in preparation in Japan, and I'm working on my next book project. More than 300 of my articles and essays have appeared in various publications. I have translated more than 150 songs from Japanese to English or vice versa. Graduated from USC with a degree in Communications; ASCAP member. Also work as a technical interpreter with specialty in Biology, Science & Medicine. CLICK HERE for interpreter experience. Virgo, Blood type=A. Place of residence: West Los Angeles.