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  We provide KAZ Talent Kids Information to help you with the basics.

KAZ Talent Kids Information

Once you complete your registration with KAZ Talent Services, the following information will be sent to you. 

Advice on photos for KAZ Talent Services' files.
For instance, what kind of photos are good to submit getting auditions or what kind of clothing is better, etc.

How and Where to get your child's work permit.
     In California, a child must have a permit to work in the entertainment industry. 
     This permit is issued by the State of California and it's free to get one.

Opening a Coogan Account.
     In California, your child must have a blocked account called Coogan Account, otherwise the work permit mentioned above, will be void and the child will not get paid.

  KAZ Talent Services Photograper referral & Consultation for babies' and kids' modeling.  Enter from here.

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 If you have questions, give us a call Mon - Fri, 10:00am - 6:00pm.   Phone (310) 397-2090  
 Or send us an e-mail: