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KAZ Talent Services have strong connection for Asian talent needs.
But if your child does not look too Asian, or not Asian at all, we will provide
the Hollywood Parents Tips
   For $75.00, we can help you find the representaion elsewhere and get your child started.
Currently this information is useful for Southern California residents only,
and for those people not interested in being with KAZ Talent Services.


The Hollywood Parents Tips
provided by KAZ Talent Services include the following:
 Cost for this package:  $75.00 ($78.00 with handling fee if paid via PayPal)

1) A list of the actors' union affiliated agencies (15 of them) that handle many babies and kids assignments in the greater Los Angeles area.
    By the union regulation, those agencies on this list do NOT collect any money to register with nor require professional photos to be submitted, but they are very picky to choose who they want to represent.

2) How to get started!
    Things you need to do to sign your child with the agency.  Advise on kind of photos to send and clothes to wear.

3) Where and how to get a California work permit for children to work in entertaiment industry.
     Without this permit, your child can NOT work at all.

4) Find out about a Coogan Account and where to establish the accout.
     Unless your child has a Coogan Account, the production will not pay.

5) In case you did not succeed in getting your child into the agency of your choice on the list provided, things you can do to find alternatives for your child.

he words of wisdom from Kaz.

*As you can see above, this information is useful for Southern California residents only.

How to purchase and where to send your check to:
Just make a check payable to KAZ Talent Services and indicate this check is for the Hollywood Parents Tips,
and mail it to the address below with self-addressed envelope with a postage. 
  Please enclose a piece of paper with your name & address and also the email address.
We will send you the Hollywood Parents Tips via US postal service after receiving your check.
Do not forget the self-addressed envelope with a postage!!
If you want to use PayPal, send $78.00 and e-mail us your name & address so that we can US mail you the package.
The postage and handling fee is included in $78.00, therefore, no envelope with a postage neccessary.
Thank you!

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